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Hand Therapy

Our clinic offers hand therapy with a Certified Hand Therapist who will assist you in getting back to work, play, or activities of daily living. Our Certified Hand Therapist provides services for a variety of clients, which may include upper extremity fractures, tendonitis, nerve injuries, tendon repairs, arthritis, and joint injuries. Some injuries and surgical repairs may require a custom fabricated hand splint which can be made at our clinic while you wait. Any person experiencing hand and/or arm impairment that cause limitation of functional performance can potentially benefit from hand therapy.

Some Common Hand Therapy Diagnosis and Treatments are:

Tennis Elbow/Lateral Epicondylitis
Tennis Elbow or Lateral Epicondylitis occurs when the outside of the elbow is inflamed. You may have sharp pain when picking up a gallon of milk or swinging a tennis racket. Treatment can consist of changing your posture, strengthening, stretching, ultrasound, splinting, and ice.

Finger and Wrist Fractures
After you see the physician for a finger, hand, or wrist fracture, you may be referred to therapy for stretching and strengthening of your hand after your cast has been removed. Your therapy can include range of motion, splinting, strengthening, and modalities.